Lighting and signalisation

Elmond Electro carries out the designing, execution, maintenance and supervision of lighting, monitoring, control and dimming of lighting and light signaling projects, such as: street lighting and roads, interchanges and intersections, tunnels, factory halls, residential buildings, houses and others.

Electrical and computer installations

Elmond Electro carries out design, execution, measurement and maintenance of low voltage and medium voltage electrical installations and all types of computer installations.

Generators and continuous power supply systems

Elmond Electro carries out the design, installation and maintenance of power-dissipating power units, continuous power supply systems, substations (column and compact concrete).

Audio and Video installations

Elmond Electro carries out the design, execution and maintenance of all types of audio and visual installations.

Air conditioning

Elmond Electro carries out execution and maintainance of central, split and window air conditioning for different types of buildings.